Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Telephone number to communicate rupture.

It eliminates body odor.

Now it is easier to find all that one can never find (website for women).

For those who only think about driving.

Caught doing what you like the most?

Savings 5: transform 1 pencil into 2 pencils and an eraser.
If you really want to save, go to Fernandes stationary store.

Any round object can be used to draw a circle.
If you really want to save, go to Fernandes stationary store.

This once was a plastic bottle. Newspaper. Dessert flask.
Recycling allows us to create new objects from others that are thrown away.

Movie cycle Cais Magazine. Five films on exclusion.
Magazine to be sold by the homeless and whose sales revenues revert back to them.

- this model is really wonderful, hot, tasty...

No one becomes indifferent to the new Ford Fiesta X-trend

- Has anyone seen my car key?
- no, but take mine.

Craving for watching the best of soccer? luso will take you to the best of soccer.

Christmas Party Cais Magazine

When the food item doesn't warn you about the possible side effects it will have in your stomach, try Tums.

We provide medical care at home.

We always provide emergency services.

Some consider us Family Doctors.

Multiple destinations in one.

We brought the best of the countryside to the city.

Light butter